Sico 3-in-1 Convertable Bench Style
Sico 3-in-1 Convertable Bench Style

Sico 3-in-1 Convertable Bench Style

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Sico 3-in-1 Cafeteria Table ConverTable Bench Style - 6' & 8'

All Tables have High Pressure Laminate Tops with Armor-Edge and Black Powdercoat Frames  

Leading the way again, SICO introduces a table that is beyond compare!

The NEW SICO ConverTable is turning heads with it's revolutionary yet practical multi-functional style. The SICO 3-in-1 ConverTable defies traditional school table convention with features that allow this table to instantly transform from a lunchroom cafeteria table to a bench unit setup, perfect for testing or auditorium use. With the 3-in-1 ConverTable's multi-use features you save money from not having to buy other tables that only serve one function. You will need fewer tables overall not to mention save in labor costs with less time needed for setup and take down.

Multi-Purpose Rooms Need a Multi-Talented Table

The one, perfect solution for multiple seating needs is SICO’s new 3-in-1 ConverTable. It is ideal for schools, churches, clubs,community centers, or any other facility that has a multi-purpose room. SICO’s 3-in-1 ConverTable can be configured in benchmode for auditorium seating, as a single unit (bench and tabletop) for testing and seminar applications, or in cafeteria/social-seating mode where two units are linked together.

Transform your spaces by transforming the new SICO 3-in1 ConverTable.

The 3-in-1 ConverTable is wheelchair accessible. This table unit is easy to handle and store. Each unit rolls on its own casters to and from storage. The compact storage of the 3-in-1 ConverTable allows for efficient use of your facilities pace. This table converts into an auditorium configuration, cafeteria or testing configuration with a 4th option to be used in a classroom setup as a bench with back support together with a writing surface.

Innovative, Creative, Functional: All that you expect from a SICO table

No more standing room only! The SICO 3-in-1 ConverTable reduced caster beam design allows more tables in a smaller space and easier access in and out of aisles.

SICO’s engineering leadership has designed a caster beam that makes all the difference. By reducing the length of the caster beam and positioning it differently on the frame, the back of the caster beam on the new 3-in-1 ConverTable is 50% shorter than other convertible tables on the market.

SICO’s innovation is your advantage: When in the bench mode, your guests can walk easily IN and OUT of aisles without having to awkwardly step over an extended caster beam.

  • No more stepping over an extended caster beam which is awkward and clumsy for guests.
  • When your new SICO 3-in-1 ConverTable is configured in bench mode, there is easy access IN and OUT of aisles.
  • SICO’s innovative table design showcases our reduced caster beam length and one-of-a-kind frame design.

The Performance Promise

The SICO® 3-in-1 ConverTable bench unit/table comes with a 15-Year Warranty on components and a Lifetime Warranty on welds.


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