Sico Ellip -Table
Sico Ellip -Table

Sico Ellip -Table

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SICO® Ellip-Table


The SICO® Ellip-Table is a versatile solution to outfit multiple rooms in your facility.

This multi-use table is a versatile choice for a table that transforms any room in your facility into an inviting meeting space. You're sure to find multiple uses with this table and its unique oval design. It can serve as a cafeteria table, board room table, office or as an inexpensive school conference room table. With so many forms of application to put this table into action, the SICO® Ellip-Table is the new leader in versatility.

Progressive design sets this table apart.

The SICO® Ellip-Table provides the efficiency of a rectangle tabletop design with the communication advantages of a modern looking “shaped” table. This new elongated oval design offers a classy look over more traditional rectangle shapes and promotes better communication. This is achieved through SICO's unique ellipse shaped tabletop. It promotes eye-to-eye contact with everyone seated at the table resulting in reduced noise levels.

The understructure frame used in this table is designed for form and function.

Attractive frame curves are complimented with a powdercoat finish designed to stand up to heavy-duty use. The oval tubular understructure adds style and strength to each table, complimented by a tough powdercoat finish.

The Ellip-Table has no seats, or benches so that chairs sized for adults or children may be placed as needed. Less table components makes this table light weight, easier to lift, and simple to clean underneath.

The Ellip-Table stands out from the crowd!

This table shares many of the same unique qualities as the LB Table, Conference Table and Communicator Cafeteria Tables with features such as an Ellip-Table Tabletop Shape and Esthetic Understructure Look.

Choose from SICO laminates that match your rooms decor. This table is equipped with mobile casters and needs no caddy. There is no lifting necessary, no parts to assemble and requires a minimum of storage space. One person can easily fold and transport this table into service or storage.

SICO® Performance Promise

SICO® conference tables come with a 15-Year Warranty on components, and a Lifetime Warranty on welds.

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