Sico Socializer Table
Sico Socializer Table

Sico Socializer Table

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SICO® Socializer Table

The SICO SOCIALIZER® is designed to fit pre-function and social events for any venue. SICO SOCIALIZER® tables are designed for seating or standing.

Each table is designed to fold and roll easily from storage into use.

Built SICO® Tough

The SICO® ARMOR-EDGE® , together with a sturdy MDF core and a high pressure laminate protect the tabletop while also making it easy-to-clean and sanitary. SICO® uses only expansion rivets to secure the top instead of screws that can loosen over time. The base is finished with a high quality powder coat finish.

Five qualities that make the SICO SOCIALIZER® a great choice:

  1. Durability. The SICO SOCIALIZER® is built for constant and long-term use.
  2. Sanitation. The SICO SOCIALIZER® MDF core, ARMOR-EDGE® , and high-pressure laminate top assures an easy-to-clean and sanitary top. No more loose banding or unsanitary crevices to collect spilled liquids or food particles.
  3. Mobility. The SICO SOCIALIZER® needs no caddy. One person can easily roll this table into service or to storage. There is no lifting necessary, no parts to assemble, and no hassle!
  4. Storage. The SICO SOCIALIZER® nests in a minimum of storage space because of the unique leg design and the folding top. Each additional unit requires only 6"(15.24cm) of storage space.
  5. Aesthetics. The SICO SOCIALIZER® is exceptionally attractive. There is no need to hide your table in storage when not in use. You can also choose the Wilson Art top color/pattern that matches your decor.

SICO® Performance Promise

The SICO SOCIALIZER® comes with a 3-Year Warranty on components, and Lifetime Warranty on welds.


  1. The All-A-Round: 12 height adjustments in a single table, from 29" (74cm) to 41"(104cm) in 1"(2.54cm) increments.

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