Table Toter for Round Tables
Table Toter

Table Toter for Round Tables

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Round Toter is built with the same patented design specifically for round folding tables. We have Round Toter models for 4 foot, 5 foot, and 6 foot round folding tables. Round Toter will hold 8 standard round folding tables and is just as easy to use.

Round Toter is perfect for convention centers, hotel & motel catering, multipurpose buildings where round tables are set up on a regular basis. Our Round Toter models all utilize the same patent pending design. All Round Toter models require a 4'-0" door or double doors.

1. Setting up tables can now be done easily by one person. 

2. Setup, Take Down, Transport, and Storage with One device. 

3. Simple Ergonomic design for easy, hassle free use reduces donated or paid labor costs. 

4. Saves the life of the table eliminating much of the banging and scratching thus saving money in table replacement. 

5. This device was designed for churches, schools, hotels, convention centers, government facilities, and other multi-purpose buildings where portability, ease of use, and storage are at a premium. You will not find a product like this anywhere to improve the ease and use of your standard six and eight foot folding tables!

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